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Animated Films


I am working on my animation reel at the moment. For now I wish to present the film projects I was involved with. 

Digging to Heaven

"Humorous story of a mole that wanted to dig his way up to heaven."

Story, director, design, animation, editing and compositing.

6:45 minute long, drawn by pencil and coal. Animated digitally.

Action Animation - The Film Trail

"A film loving monster has his DVD stolen by Evil Mr. Fox. He runs on a quest to retrieve the films."

Director, design, animation, editing, compositing.

A 5 minute long, digitally animated film I made for Stopklatka TV ( The story was "composed" by Stopklatka TV fans on their facebook fanpage.

9 Clues 2: The Ward - in-game cutscenes

Screen shot from the in-game cutscene of "9 Clues 2: The Ward" made by Tap It Games (

I did animation, editing and compositing of the cut scenes. 

Seven 1-2 min long short films.

Chrysalis/Masks - EAM 2009

Two animated shorts that were produced during European Animation Masterclass 2009. 

Chrysalis: "A story about friendship and growing up."
Story and director: Aubrey Millen
4:30 min, drawn animation.
I did: storyboarding, animatic and animation.

Masks: "In the town where everyone is forced to wear masks, a girl hands out flowers. You have to take off your mask to smell it."
Group project, 2:50 minutes, stop motion puppet animation.
I did: story, animation, editing.

Dróżnik (2009)/Cadbury Wowie

Two projects I worked as character animator in No Label (

Dróżnik (2009), director Peter Szczepanowicz, 10 min, CGI.

Cadbury Wowie commercial, 0:40 min, CGI.